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Order Payslips/P60

1) Pay: Click BUY NOW button of selected item/quantity (Home page) to pay by credit/debit card on secure webpage where you enter the card details.
2) Online Form: after payment, you will be redirected to this page where you complete and submit the Online form below with the details you require on the payslips or P60. You will receive a confirmation email.
If you do not like forms or are unable to access a computer, you may phone us with the details when we will also take payment.

Order form

This is a combined order form for Payslips and/or P60.
Please complete this form with as much relevant info as possible.
If ordering a P60, additional info is required in addition to the Payslips info.
You may need to ask your employer for some info eg Tax office reference number.

If you are unsure about any question, write "NOT KNOWN" in the box and and we will either resolve or contact you if necessary.

A copy of the form submission will be emailed to you to check spelling CAREFULLY and for confirmation of other details, so please provide a valid email address. Any mistakes due to customer incorrect spelling or supplied data will not be rectified without incurring an extra charge! (50% of original)

Payment Method

We can only process the order on receipt of cleared funds.  
Payment can be one of the following:  

  1. Credit/Debit card  

Return to the Home page and select from the item's menu options the quantity required. Click the "BUY NOW" button to pay. You will be redirected to a secure webpage where you enter the card details. All credit/debit card payments are processed through Payment processor. At no time do we see the card numbers. The billing address must match the delivery address.  

  1. Cash (PayPoint '360money e-voucher')

You will need to swap money for a voucher, equivalent to the cost of order.

a/ Go to any PayPoint outlet (to check for nearest outlet: PayPoint Locator), usually a newsagent, convenience shop or garage

b) Purchase a "360money e-voucher". You will receive a slip in return

c) Email or text us on 07971 010 536 ONLY the "unique reference number" eg. 12345678

(Questions marked with * = compulsory )

(For P60 (2010/11): If you have the exact figures (from March 2011 payslip) for "Total Gross Pay to date", "Total Tax to date", and "Employee NIC paid to date" please include these in the 'Comments' section.

Order Form

* Select what you require
* Title
* First Name
* Surname
* Address
* Post Code
* National Insurance # (eg. SE 123456 C)
* Tax code (eg. 747L for 2011/12, 647L for 2010/11)
* Phone contact
* Email contact
* Employer Name
* Employer Address
* Post Code
* Job start date (DD/MM/YYYY)
  Staff or Employee # (if applicable)
* Annual or Monthly Salary (in £)
* Is Salary Gross or Net?
* Salary Payment Method
* How often is Salary paid?
* Usual Payday (eg. last weekday of month, last calendar day, last Friday etc)
* Payslip type required
* No. of Payslips required
* Dates of Payslips (enter DD/MM/YYYY for each required)
  Payment/Deduction extras (other than Tax/NIC) (if applicable)
* P60 - Tax year (eg. 2010/11)
* P60 - Portrait or Landscape
  P60 - Middle Name
  P60 - Tax Office name (eg Sefton Area)
  P60 - Tax Office reference # (format eg. 083 / WY1234)
  P60 - Annual salary (£) (from 04/YY to 03/YY+1)
  P60 - Is Salary Gross or Net?
* Delivery Name & Address for order
(if same as Home Address, enter 'same')
Upload Payslip/P60/Logo/documents for our attention
Comments (if any, for Payslips or P60)
* How have you paid/ How will you pay ?